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This series emerged from the process of drawing from the figure twice a week for four years. Fast paced warm-up gesture drawings overlapping on the same page result in interwoven lines forming organic compositions. The black portions are made quickly and instinctively with direct observation from life. The final orientation and color portions are deliberated for hours, often over days in the studio. The result is a balance of spontaneity and control. Viewers sometimes see landscapes, animals, objects, people, or other images in these paintings. These works are like Rorschach tests which reveal the viewer as much as the artist.

At a Gallop


Aviary 2

Butterfly Effect

Celestial Navigation

Continents Away

Days by the Water

Every Waking Moment

Her Bachelors

Southern Hemisphere


It's Not What You Said



Presque Isle

You Know Her Better Than I Do

The More I Learn About Her

The Bride


She Hasn't Realized How Beautiful She Is

Weather Vane

First Impression