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Jackson cites numerous artists as influences and heroes. Among them are:

  • Robert Rauschenberg's and James Rosenquist's photo montage/collage compositions

  • Henri de Toulouse-Latrec's draftsmanship and spontaneity
  • Edgar Degas' and Claude Monet's paint quality

  • Rembrandt's use of light

  • Richard Diebenkorn's, Helen Frankenthaler's, and Hans Hofmann's personal use of shape, color, and texture

  • Paul Klee's sense of whimsy

  • Mark Rothko's use of color and simple compositions

  • John Marin's pushing nature to abstraction and use of dry brushstrokes and Charles Demuth's precision and use of water in gradations

  • Gustav Klimt's use of decorative pattern, background shapes with lively color and brush strokes, and use of the figure in highly designed compositions

  • The musical compositions of Duke Ellington and the performances of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's division of space and use of surface detail

  • Henri Matisse's use of color and flattening space

  • Marcel Duchamp's use of accident and found objects

And teachers like:

  • Bruce Bobick who inspired the development of technique

  • Don Vogl's truisms like "Sometimes you don't know if you've gone far enough until you've gone too far."