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The Lincoln Highway Studio


In 2008, the Cedar River flooded the former department store in downtown Cedar Rapids, IA, that housed Jackson's studio. Luckily, his space was on the third floor, and his artwork was safe for the time being. The building was no longer a safe environment for his art, however, and it required an emergency move to a large and beautiful, though temporary rented space in the country. At that time he made a list of features he wanted to incorporate into his ideal studio.

It took seven years, and Jackson and his wife were able to purchase a property on the outskirts of Cedar Rapids on the historic Lincoln Highway, make plans, and have a new studio constructed that fits his specific needs. He moved in to this studio in November of 2015.

Jackson says, "I’ve worked in a lot of studios over the years and know they can affect the art made in them. My new studio is a very positive influence, and I’m looking forward to creating new art in this space for decades."

Here are some other views of this studio: