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For many years Jackson worked on a series of watercolors based on divisions of space observed in ancient Egyptian funerary art. To create these artworks he stained watercolor paper by painting through torn rice paper shapes. Before the watercolors were finished, he removed the rice papers and set them aside to dry. While they were used in the process, the rice papers were not part of the finished watercolors. Jackson stored them for years thinking that some day he would use them in some way.
            In 2015 Jackson began to use the rice papers in collages. While the watercolors they were used to create were highly planned, the collages were begun with no idea of the finished image in mind. He stated, "I tried many combinations of pieces and the works grew organically. It was exciting to sort through rice paper pieces and work on compositions that were much more spontaneous than the watercolors they were used to create. After storing these pieces for 10 or more years, it was like working with found objects."
            Because Jackson thought these compositions felt like scale models of sculptures or architecture, he titled them "Maquettes".

Maquette 1

Maquette 2

Maquette 3

Maquette 4

Maquette 5

Maquette 6

Maquette 7

Maquette 8

Maquette 9

Maquette 10

Maquette 12

Maquette 13

Maquette 14

Maquette 15

Maquette 16

Maquette 17

Maquette 18

Maquette 19


Maquette 20



Maquette 23



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