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Spammed! Is a series of mixed media compositions that combine photographed or imagined objects and scenes with the subject lines from spam email. This series pushes specific imagery into conceptual waters and is very relevant to thinking about American society today. These unsolicited emails have themes of sex, health and drugs, money, etc. These themes seem to be what the senders believe to be top of the American mind today. They also answer unasked questions such as "What does it mean to be a man today?" and "What is the quickest, easiest route to pleasure and happiness?" This body of work could not have been created in any previous generation.

Want to be a hero
in bed?

that burning flame

I've had egounh
of your leis



your partner will worship you for it

Discover the latest
Make other men envy

Half Cocked

forget about it and
take pleasure every

New New Surely you only dream of it Enjoy

where would you find anything better?

make better
burning desires

money is it even real?




The Spammed Series led Jackson to create works with related content, though without using specific spammed copy. These works are executed as black and white brush ink drawings:

Prescription Addictionn 15