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One-person show, Davenport Art Gallery

The following article appeared in the Rock Island Argus, February 12, 1984 (the text is transcribed below):

[headline] Two one-man shows scheduled

[copy] Two one-man shows, which will open Sunday, Feb. 26, at the Davenport Art Gallery, marks a Quad-City homecoming for Thomas Jackson and David Lundahl.

Jackson, a Rock Island native from Cedar Rapidds, uses watercolor and watercolor fragments arranged into a collage to attract the viewer's attention to enter his creative world.

His gemlike works suggest symols and associations with indirect reference to nature in mind, but they are never-the-less abstractions and imporovisations that makes us feel that we are watching while the artist exercises a lyrical sensitivity for his own pleasure.

His works have earned him considerable recognition during the past decade with numerous invitational one-man shows and juried exhibitions including the Snite Museum at the University of Notre Dame; Watercolor U.S.A., Butler Institute of American Art; Des Moines Art Center; Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art..."

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