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In 2008, the building my studio was located in downtown Cedar Rapids was flooded. I had to make an emergency move of all of my existing artwork to protect it. This resulted in moving to a somewhat smaller space and having drawings, paintings, furniture, etc., moved to several temporary locations. I spent a great deal of time slowly protecting and filing existing artworks. For over half a year I spent about ½ of each day doing this archival work and 1/2 of each day working on artwork for new shows.

While handling a lot of older work, I became intrigued, once again with ideas from ancient Egypt. I researched my own sketches and museum photographs to study the shapes used in wall paintings and engravings. It seems that no one knows for sure why these types of shapes were used. These geometric shapes form the False Door series.

False Door 1

False Door 2

False Door 3

False Door 4

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