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Luminous 3

Luminous 2

Luminous 4

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False Door

Mississippi River Valley




Luminous Design

Torn Collage

Hard Edge Collage

Stage Fright


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Stele 6.1

Architectural Slab of Nectanebo

Stele 7

Le Menu de Tepemankh

Stela 10.1

Stele 9

Stele 3


Stela 1

Stele 1


Stele 4

Stele 2

Stele 5

Stela 3

Stela 5

Valley of the Kings 2

Stela 8

Temple 1

Stela 10


Temple 3

Stela 9

Stele 6

Stela 4

Papyrus of Cleopatra VII

Extrait d'un Livie des Mortes

Stele 8

Large Scale Paintings
In 2002 I visualized the Stele paintings executed on a very large scale. This resulted in a series of paintings called Passage. (Click here to view the Passage paintings.) While creating each composition I imagined each quarter as a single, large Stele painting that is not complete without the other three quarters. Each painting is divided into quarters horizontally and seven divisions vertically. They all have a color palette and some dimensions in common. The first two of the large scale (81" X 187.5" oil on canvas paintings based on these watercolors is finished. When complete, these paintings are intended to work when viewed individually and as a group; and when viewing small sections of an individual painting, like walking down a passage.