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Corporate Stage Fright

Stage Fright: Dress Rehearsal

Iowa Theater,
Cedar Rapids

Stage Fright,
Blinded By the Spot Light

Stage Fright Woodstock

Stage Fright 1

Stage Fright 2

Stage Fright 3

Stage Fright 4

Thrust Stage Fright

Iowa Theater, Cedar Rapids

Stage Fright Curtains

Stage Fright The Mark

Stage Fright: As the Curtains Close



Artist's Statement About Stage Fright Series

In the mid 1970s I became interested in the idea of live performance and stage fright. There were two movie theaters in Cedar Rapids that had started as vaudeville theaters. I spent time in them photographing the stage, seats, walls, dressing rooms, stairways, entrances, etc. The series started as realistic renderings of these theatres. As it progressed, the idea of the stage and curtain as abstract shapes and opportunities for variation in color suggested by spotlights became more important to me. The paintings became first cartoon-like, then geometric abstractions. This pattern of starting realistically and evolving to the abstract is an important process in my work.