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Skyscraper, acrylic on canvas, 2000, 93" X 48"

To Skyscraper watercolor


Sometimes a composition feels big to me, no matter how small its physical presence. The small watercolor Skyscraper was such a composition. I remember mentioning to an artist that I could see doing the composition large, maybe eight feet tall. The artist said he didn't think it would work large, and suggested that I keep it small. I maintained my opinion and Skyscraper, acrylic on canvas was one of the first large works on canvas I did after changing careers to become a full-time artist. One of the challenges in interpreting small works on paper into larger works on canvas is the technical consideration of showing watercolor-like washes and creating a line with a brush and acrylic that resembles pencil on paper. Ironically, the more carefully such details are rendered, the more of the original work's feeling of spontaneity is retained on the larger scale.